Beaver Lake Springfield Ohio
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Jackpots Running from 15 Pounds and Up

We have a 15 to 24.15, A 25 to 34.15, A 35 to 49.15 pound, and a 50 and over jackpot. If you catch a fish in that range you get 1/2 the money in that jackpot. Each jackpot costs $1.00 to get in it is good for the 12 hours the ticket is good for. We also have a fish of the week, the largest fish caught from Sunday 8a.m. to Sunday 8p.m. gets the whole jackpot costs $1.00 to enter, and is good for the 12 hours of the ticket.

Beaver Lake, has been family owned and operated since 1958, is located on 8 acres of land and is full of assorted fish. Whether you are looking to catch large blue and shovelheads, carp, or farm raised channels (just to name a few)...we’re the lake you’re looking for.

During the open season, Farm Raised Channels are stocked every week.

Big Catfish 1 Big Catfish 2


Truckloads of fish being stocked weekly in both lakes with farm raised & wild channel Cats, Shovelheads, Blue Cats & Jumbo Carp


Beaver Lake Fishing Lake (937) 324-1891

1550 Pumphouse Rd, Springfield, OH 45503

Map to Beaver Lake Springfield Ohio

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Complete Bait and Tackle shop

Open 7 Days a Week During Summer for your Fishing Pleasure.


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